Mythos One relies on UK Barista Championships

Mythos one is the official grinder for the 2015 UK Barista Championship. This selects the British representative at the WBC in Seattle. The design and innovative technology of the new grinder from Victoria Arduino made the difference in the selection process for the Board of SCAE UK. By introducing new Clima Pro technology, the Mythos One has turned legend into reality. Thanks to its innovative intelligent grinding temperature management, it provides constant doses and therefore a better quality of espresso extraction. 

Precisely because of this, the Mythos One on-demand found immediate success after its introduction at HOST 2013. Already last spring at the 2014 WBC in Rimini different champions used it, including the world champion Hidenori Izaki. Recently in Tokyo at the Japanese championship, more than half the sixteen finalists took advantage of the Mythos One. The first VA on-demand coffee grinder is destined to become an indispensable practical tool for espresso professionals. In addition to Clima Pro Technology, the Mythos One stands out for its innovative 'Clump Crusher', which ensures maximum regularity of the extraction flow for any type of coffee. In addition, it places greater emphasis on sustainability (waste management, acoustic comfort and ergonomics) and ease of use. The new filter holder system, for example, means the barista does not have to hold the filter by hand when filling. In short, the Mythos One is now the top coffee grinder and anyone wanting to be a champion could not do with anything less.