Victoria Arduino is the official sponsor of WBC 2015-2017 with the VA388 Black Eagle coffee machine

The VA388 Black Eagle, equipped with T3 technology, successfully passed all the tests it underwent and it will be used by all barista champions of the world at the finals of the Championship in Seattle (USA) from April 9th to 12th 2015. World Barista Championship tests have proved that the VA388 Black Eagle is an excellent machine under several aspects: thermal stability that guarantees optimal coffee extraction, energy efficiency, ergonomics and environmental sustainability. Victoria Arduino is part of Nuova Simonelli group, proud to be again technical partner of theWorld Barista Championship, having previously held the same position for the last six years. "This accomplishment - said the CEO of the company Nando Ottavi - is the result of a commitment undertaken for several years in the field of technological innovation through the active collaboration with various research centers, universities and international experts in the world of coffee ".

VA388 Black Eagle combines tradition and experience with breathtaking innovation. The result is high-tech and high reliability. With T3 technology the official coffee machine at the World Championship for baristas from 2015-2017 will ensure standards of accuracy in terms of extraction, flexibility, control and thermal stability. However it is difficult to separate technique and style, because its forms are also very functional. The ergonomic aspect is particularly important and can really make the barista happy, as does the technological aspect. The machine has a lower profile compared to past models and all the commands, from digital to manual, have been carefully designed to be extremely functional and ergonomic. At the same time their positioning - including a display for each group - is rewarding for everyone using them. Impressive at first glance, the machine is very solid as it is made almost entirely of high quality metal. This includes all its internal components, which are made of copper, stainless steel and aluminum. The VA388 Black Eagle is competitive not only in championships, but also in terms of sustainability. Its materials are recyclable and in addition it was designed to reduce energy loss, giving energy savings of at least 40% compared to a standard espresso machine.