Meet Morten Wennersgaard from Nordic Approach

Nordic Approach in Berlin: Cuppings, Microlot Coffees Latin America & Gravimetric Scale

Together with Morten Wennersgaard from Nordic Approach we're happy to invite you to the following event in our location in Berlin on Monday, 23rd of May 2016!

Presented by Morten Wennersgaard (Nordic Approach) 

We will start at 10:00 h (break at 13:00 h / end of event around 17:00 h) in our Barista Lab & Showroom by VA espresso machines GmbH.

Please send us an email to to register for the event.

Find us here:
VA espresso machines GmbH
Ackerstraße 173 / Ecke Torstraße
10115 Berlin



Supported by Victoria Arduino!